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Congrats to Ghost Tours of Galveston!




Over 100,000 votes were cast in the latest “Best of Galveston” awards, and we’re proud to see our friends at Ghost Tours of Galveston under “Best Guided Land Tour.” We’ve been having a blast working with founder and local celeb Dash Beardsley — check out our interview with him where he told us all about the haunted history of Galveston and how he came to be an expert in it. Then, be sure to book his Original Ghost Tour on the Strand to see why people across the country voted for Ghost Tours of Galveston!

Zerve Partners on WINK-TV Fort Myers!

Last month a couple of our partner businesses appeared on WINK News out of Fort Myers. We loved seeing them on the screen exemplifying the kind of passionate people we work with every day!

From December 17, 2014:


Captain J.R. Trepper has a perfect solution for Floridians who play host to northern visitors seeking sunshine during these winter months. His Banana Bay Tour Company dolphin tours are a great way to get the whole group to put down the cell phones and have a great nature experience together. And hey, if those visitors are wearing their welcome thin, just send them on the tour so you can have some time to yourself!

From December 24, 2014:


Florida Naturalist Kent Morse offers one of the best family-friendly activities around, because it’s both fun for kids and educational — even life-changingly so. It’s the Sea Excursions Dolphin Study Eco Tour, where participants not only see dolphins but also learn to identify individuals using a database and even name newly discovered dolphins. Right now it’s the birthing season, so the time is right for getting the first glimpse of a calf!

Zerve Named One of the Best Places to Work in the U.S.!


Earlier this week, Glassdoor named Zerve as one of the Best Places to Work among businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees. Today, we explain the team-building philosophy that we have woven into Zerve’s fabric ever since we started the company in 2003 and which continues to power us forward today as the leader in our space. Check it out here:

It feels appropriate and exciting that this nod from Glassdoor comes at a time when we are making major moves as a business overall, and in many ways saying a public “hello” to the world for the first time.

After more than a decade of supporting a large, growing group of phenomenally creative, passionate, inspiring business owners who offer thousands of the best local events and activities around the country, we recently launched Zerve’s new consumer platform. That new product has been receiving high praise in TechCrunchWiredUSA Today and many other outlets. Stay tuned for more great news to come and an even BIGGER 2015!

Fly South for the Winter!

As temperatures begin to drop, spread your wings and fly south! There’s no reason to stay cooped up staring out your window at the frigid, unforgiving landscape. Join some of our new partners in Florida...

Read more

Our New Platform, plus Zerve in the Press!

It’s been a huge week for us at Zerve. We launched our new consumer platform, a first-of-its-kind tool created to help you find unique experiences in your hometown and while traveling, make the most of your free time, and finally answer the age-old question: “I don’t know … what do you want to do today?

And the press started pouring in.

We had a piece in print in USA Today


…we were featured on TechCrunch


…and we appeared in Wired:


We’ve had a tremendous response on Twitter from people in the industry who recognize the different approach we’re taking…

…and from our merchant partners, whose businesses stand to grow even more thanks to this new platform:

Check out Zerve for yourself and let us know what you think!

Make It a Halloween to Remember!

We specialize in connecting you with great activities any day, but some of our partners offer special events that only come around one night of the year. Let’s see what’s brewing for this Halloween!

Portsmouth NH: New England Curiosities: Spirits in the Dark


Dress up for a night full of treats! The author of Haunted Portsmouth leads you in search of the many local legends that haunt the folklore of the area, plus a seance and much more.


NYC: City Food Tours: Halloween Treats Tour of the Lower East Side


Kids come free to this family-friendly food-tasting walk! Make stops throughout one of New York’s most entertaining neighborhoods to absorb some history (not to mention pizza, cupcakes and more…)


Savannah GA: Shannon Scott Journeys: Bonaventure Cemetery


Savannah’s most famous cemetery is normally closed to the public after 5 p.m.; here’s your chance to stay in past dark, after the gates are locked, for a thrilling and ghostly tour. Adults only!


Did You Know? Denver


As visitors to Denver quickly discover, its high elevation (a mile above sea level) can have strange effects: you might find yourself becoming winded easily, or feeling tipsy more quickly when drinking. But golfers have a particular incentive to visit: in the thin air, a drive can travel up to 10% farther.

Things to do in Denver

Spooky New Tours in South Carolina

Two of our latest partners are chilling guests to the bone with their otherworldly explorations in the Palmetto State!


In Charleston, Beyond the Light, owned by a medium and clairvoyant, leads guests on a “Frightseeing Seer Tour” to haunted houses, graveyards and other sites. As the oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston has more than its share of stories that are shrouded in the mists of time, and on this tour you’ll encounter some of the oldest parts of the city to confront their eerie past.


In Columbia, Capital City Haunts offers an intimate, small-group exploration of haunted sites downtown. On this guided tour, you are encouraged to bring a camera, because past guests have captured strange images as they learned the lore of the state capital’s past. A great way to go sightseeing, get a history lesson and experience a thrill all in one!

Celebrate Confucius Day in a Chinatown Near You!

The birthday of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius is observed on September 28th. Throughout China, the day is celebrated with music, dancing, traditional dress and delicious food. But if you can’t be in China for the occasion, Chinatown is the next best thing! You’ll find one in each of these cities:



This neighborhood south of Little Italy might be the best place in New York for excellent food at low prices. Dumpling and dim sum joints abound, and as you venture from one to another, you’ll pass groceries and markets with produce and other goods. The streets here abandon the familiar grid layout of parts north and get a bit angular and confusing, so it’s a good idea to opt for a food tour. Otherwise, have a map handy! Recommended spots include the legendary Nom Wah Tea Parlor (established 1920!) and Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles, just a few doors down.

San Francisco


Don’t miss the stately Dragon Gate, made from authentic materials provided by Taiwan, on Grant Avenue at Bush Street. And there’s some great people-watching to be had at Portsmouth Square, where you may see elderly people playing xiangqi, a Chinese variant of chess. There are also tours available here to hip you to all the eating options and the other little secrets of the area; your guide might point out filming locations from classic movies like The Maltese Falcon.



Beach Street is the main drag of Boston’s Chinatown, complete with a large, green-roofed paifang (gate) at Surface Road. Hot pot, dumplings, cafés and more, you’ll find them all along Beach Street, and there are scattered Vietnamese establishments mixed in as well. As you stroll west, Chinatown fades into the Washington Street Theatre District — a great thing to keep in mind if you’re planning dinner and a show.

3 Places to Take a Food Tour This Autumn

Any veteran traveler will tell you that local food is a huge part of visiting any new location. Check out some of the cities where we’ve recently found delectable food tours that offer a tasty introduction to town. Even if you live there, you’ll probably find that these experiences will show you a new side of the place you call home!

1. Wichita, Kansas


The Old Town Historic District in Wichita is one of the best places to enjoy the bounty of the American prairie. Wichita Food Tours brings you to several of the area’s top restaurants to sample beef, sausage, cheese and more in the course of a 2.5-hour walking tour. Local food mingles with local history as you learn the story of the city!

2. Durango, Colorado

Did you know that Durango has more restaurants per capita than San Francisco? Taste their fine, fresh fare with Discover Durango Tours, and don’t forget the craft beer — you’ll discover why this town is called “The City of Brewerly Love”! It’s an adventure that will really boost your foodie knowledge.

3. Tampa, Florida

Ybor City Food Tours (that’s “EE-bore”) knows that food is the best way to get to know this neighborhood, which has long been populated by Cuban, Spanish and Italian immigrants, among others. Specialized tours focus on dessert, Cuban sandwiches, local history… there’s even a tour designed for you to take with your dog!


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